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October 23, 2018
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  • Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation President hosts Cuban ambassador

    Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation President Kevin Paap, hosts Cuban ambassador Miguel Fraga at his family farm near Vernon Center. During their time on the farm, Fraga and Paap discussed the importance of trade between the United States and Cuba, […]

  • Crop and harvest update for the Dakotas

    In its weekly crop report, the USDA shares harvest and crop condition updates for North and South Dakota. In North Dakota, canola and dry bean harvest is wrapping up.  The  sugar beet harvest is one-fifth complete, and potato harvest […]

  • Canada agrees to new NAFTA terms

    The United States and Canada came to terms late Sunday night, keeping Canada a member of what was the NAFTA agreement, along with Mexico. This trade deal is vital, as it keeps together two of the three largest export markets for United States […]

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