Help Wanted
June 23, 2018

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    While what she does in the video is sickening and needs prompt attention to me it looks as tho both children have long sleeve shirts on – I can’t tell if the child in the back has shoes on but the one in the front looks like she is wearing shoes not 100% sure. The children probably don’t have coats on due to being in car seats? But why not throw them on after the video isn’t long enough to say if that was ever done and no hats or gloves idk. I think further investigation and follow up need to be done before we can be too sure what happened here. Maybe the video taker should have said something if they were super concerned and not just video tape a short clip???

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    it would not take much of a timeline to figure out how cold it was that day at that time. Caring parents put their small children’s coats hats, and yes dumb ass, shoes on the feet of their children of theirs before venturing out into winter weather.. the ones that do not in this situation are total losers. Call it for what it is and what we see. Any intelligent person sees it for what it is. One who does not is a fool.


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