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March 20, 2018

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Chris Simon is the News Director for KEYZ Radio.

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    While what she does in the video is sickening and needs prompt attention to me it looks as tho both children have long sleeve shirts on – I can’t tell if the child in the back has shoes on but the one in the front looks like she is wearing shoes not 100% sure. The children probably don’t have coats on due to being in car seats? But why not throw them on after the video isn’t long enough to say if that was ever done and no hats or gloves idk. I think further investigation and follow up need to be done before we can be too sure what happened here. Maybe the video taker should have said something if they were super concerned and not just video tape a short clip???

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    You have some valid points.

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    John Doe

    What the matter with you you are no better then she is. Quit standing up for her look at the way she tossed the older on around there is no excuse for that. car seat or not what’s that got to do with not having a coat to put on them she has one on dumb b——-

    1. 3.1


      Because you are not supposed to place children in car seats with heavy “puffy” coats on.. it interferes with the seat belt being secured properly.

      1. 3.1.1


        There is plenty of room inside he vehicle, to make sure those kids get their coats and shoes on, before taking them out and putting them into a cold metal cart.

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    John doe

    Everything about this seems backwards. I’m sorry I used to live there and the town is messed up in general. Everybody’s on some type of perscription because of mental health issues cry about it. It’s called grown up take care of your kids and stop the drug abuse. I feel for the future kids in this town

    1. 4.1


      Is that how you feel about everyone that claims to have a mental illness? Or just depression? Enlighten me.

    2. 4.2


      You used to live WHERE? Where is this?

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    First we still had coats on our children when in car seats so there is absolutely no excuse for that. Second I would like this “mom” to stand outside or be put in an ice cold metal container with no coat and no shoes or socks so she understands this weather here in ND. I believe she would come to understand how it is a matter of life or death in winter weather. So to reiterate, you have the winter gear/clothing on before you take them out of vehicle. No excuse. You don’t go out of your house before putting on coats and gloves and shoes.

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      Lightweight:thin coats are fine for car seats. Just not heavy thick ones because it interferes with strapping the children down properly. Look it up.

    2. 5.2


      Neither child has shoes. She clearly pushes the cart from the vehicle so no hats,shoes,coats or gloves were put on them afterward. I bring a blanket,sweater, coat,hat and gloves everywhere for my daughter and leave extras in the car in case I forget. If my child refused to put a coat on I would take him home. If that wasn’t an option I’d wrap them in mine and deal with the tantrum. My daughter wears her coat to walk 5 feet to the car, take it off for the ride and puts it right back on as soon as she is unbuckled. Moms are not all perfectl but this is really terrible. The baby is trying to stay warm moving around.

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    People should mund there own business

    1. 6.1


      When it comes to possible neglect/abuse of children who rely on their parents for their safety and well being…it is everybodies business…and duty to civilized society to voice their concerns. Perhaps the public posting of this incident was unecessary but definately is in need of being looked into by the proper authorities!

    2. 6.2


      Yes people should mind their business, but certainly not when children’s well being are at stake! It’s freezing,plain and simple they should have had warm clothes on and not made to be out in this kind of weather.

    3. 6.3


      BS Someone needs to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

    4. 6.4

      Beckie Uhl

      Sorry, but when the children are being exposed to a dangerous environment and this mother seems oblivious to care for them properly it’s time for someone to step in and see if the mother is having a problem. She was beating the little boy in the backseat of the car and roughly putting him in the cart. To me, it seems as though he is crying by the look on his face. He had on a tee shirt with a long sleeve shirt under his tee shirt but I couldn’t figure out if he had shoes on, however, I don’t think the little girl had shoes on. The little girl did have a long sleeve shirt on. , Most of these comments are judgmental…judge not lest you will not be judged. Where is the love and compassion in your heart to come to the aid of a fellow human being? We don’t know what she was going on in her life to result in this video. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
      If I saw this woman I would have approached her and offered my help. She appeared to be overwhelmed. I would accept her answer and move on if she chose that she didn’t want my help. At least I would have peace in my heart knowing I tried to do the right thing.

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    it would not take much of a timeline to figure out how cold it was that day at that time. Caring parents put their small children’s coats hats, and yes dumb ass, shoes on the feet of their children of theirs before venturing out into winter weather.. the ones that do not in this situation are total losers. Call it for what it is and what we see. Any intelligent person sees it for what it is. One who does not is a fool.

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    Sage is the only one who makes a valid point. I’ve gone outside shirtless in the right circumstances. Bunch of holier than thou gossips got nothin better to do with their miserable lives but judge others when they don’t even know anything about what they’re judging. neglecting their own kids so they can tell someone how bad of parents they are.

    1. 8.1


      No you should be ashamed of yourself. Looks like she has a coat on now doesn’t it. Normal parents think of their children first no excuse.

    2. 8.2


      As an adult, I too have made the conscious choice to step outside in a t-shirt. That’s far different than toddlers being out, in these conditions, with no shoes. Or coats. Or hats. Or gloves. Nah, that’s neglect. She was angry and her kids were paying the price. Thankfully, her fully clothed fat ass got caught.

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    frustrated with the judging

    we are taught that coats are NOT to be used in the car seat…why > because they can prevent the restraints from being secure enough to hold the child in in case of an accident there are MANY videos out there showing this.
    And for all of you folks saying something about kids not having shoes on…let me tell you how many times I have closed the door and turned to get in my own seat and as I get in I have seen shoes and socks on the floor in the back seat…just seconds after I put the child in the darn carseat…so give it a rest…those kids are far from freezing to death…especially since they live in ND and are most likely used to the weather there…being from MN I know what the cold feels like and so do my kids!

    1. 9.1


      Okay on the shoe thing but please explain your reasoning on why she s manhandling her son. Watch her actions why the boy is still in the car. Miserable hog.

    2. 9.2

      Frustrated with the stupidity

      You are right she seems like a great Mom… Smfh What about the way she went ape-shit on her son before throwing him in the cart? And in advanced, it doesn’t matter how frustrated she might have been because she was beating that boy. Those kids were freezing too, take another look. We are also taught that winter is cold and if its cold enough for you to take the time to bundle yourself up with a coat ,a scarf and warm boots then maybe just maybe you should do they same for your kids. There are so many things wrong with this video. The lack of winter clothing is just one of them.

  10. 10


    THU 1/11
    Actual Temp
    -4° /-22°

    That is the temperature for Williston ND on the day in question. Therefore she should have placed socks, shoes, coats and gloves on each child before removing from the vehicle. Children have suffered from frostbite and even have fingers stick to the cart if hands were wet. I’m glad the person videotaped her treatment of the children…..I hope they are the actual ones that called the police as well.

    1. 10.1


      1/11 was the date of the update, not the date of the incident. It was clearly stated that the exact date was unknown. I’m concerned with the reading comprehension and lack of basic intelligence exhibited in many of these comments.

  11. 11

    Marlene Martin

    So,Your Saying you have done the same thing your kids after finding them Without ,Shoes & Socks & Coats on ?

  12. 12


    Yes, it is now suggested that children not wear their coats while buckled into a car seat, but that’s not even the point. My children are grown but I have 5 grandchildren and I have carseats installed for them. These children look as they should be in actual 5 point harness carseats and not the booster type carseats. So if they were properly buckled, the older child should not have been able to reach the button to roll down the window. The harness should have kept the child from reaching the button, plus have you not noticed just how roomy the back seats of these SUV’s are and how far of a reach it would for child to roll down the window. Not to mention, how was child able to reach their coats and shoes to throw them out the window if properly buckled. My 3 yr old grandson kicks his shoes off the very second you start driving down the road. So when you reach your destination, you put shoes back on my grandson, then his coat, hat and gloves before taking him out. So plain and simple…these children were not dressed appropriately for the whether. The mother either lied about her child throwing the coats, gloves, hats and shoes out the window or the children were not properly and safely buckled into the proper child restraints. If the child did manage to throw those things out the window, why didn’t the mother return to retrieve them. Raising two kids, supporting a family now days, who can afford to just throw things out the window and just go buy 2 new coats, 2 new hats and gloves and new socks and shoes for each child without first attempting to retrieve the ones tossed out the window. I call BS on on the story of tossing them out the window. I also doubts they were/are properly restrained in age appropriate car seats or else mom would’ve realized/known that it would’ve been impossible for child to do so. Okay, sorry for the rant. It just bothers me when a parent lies and blames something on an innocent child while trying to cover up their own irresponsible behavior.

  13. 13

    Rene Woods

    Sounds like you’ve had someone minding your business! When it comes to helpless children it’s everyones business! Some people have mental health issues, drug issues and surprisingly they have children also, and you can’t just walk up on people and start telling them they are abusing their children having them in freezing weather without proper clothing on. The person recording this did right to report this to the authorities. People have children, but some people don’t need them!

  14. 14


    You can clearly see the little girl is freezing cold and the little boy looks cold and miserable. This is just 20 seconds of what’s going on if this is how she treats them in public God only knows what she does to them at home. Mind your business? That’s what’s wrong with this world. No one wants to help and protect each other. This video could’ve saved them from neglect abuse and then some. People saying mind your own business are crazy. Should we mind our own business when children aren’t able to speak and defend themselves? Why about the 13 children shackled to their bed and their malnutrition was so bad the one was 23 and appear to be 10. Children 2 to 26 mistreated and we should just mind our business.. I hope when you need the police or help they just mind their business…

  15. 15


    Although I admit I’m taking back for a moment and i want to be upset as why there are no coats on these children, I have to say we are all way to quick to make assumptions.. Maybe the moms having a really bad moment and the kids are having meltdowns and she is just trying to hurry to get in the store. One person took the time to post this and potentially ruin a family, perhaps her career, reputations, etc., vs just offering help. (if really that concerned maybe they should have just called the police to handle it and show them a video ) I’m a mother and could attest that there are those moments and we make mistakes. I’m sure everyone who is so quick to attack has a 100% perfect parenting record and their kids are perfect and not one mistake has been made. If that is the case, well done!! I’m not saying what this women has done is right, however learn the facts and shame on the person posting a viral video. Much better ways of handling this situation. Offer Assistance and get more details before potentially ruining someone’s life.

    1. 15.1


      I agree that the police should have been called, but her behavior and the children’s attire is unacceptable.

  16. 16


    I don’t care what the circumstances are, It has been bitter bitter cold out there. I’m in a coat and gloves and hat and I’m still freezing cold. These are small children. Not adults with bigger arms and legs, these are small children and they will freeze quicker than an adult will. And who cares why there is no shoes or socks……YOU DONT PUT A SMALL CHILD IN EXPOSED BELOW ZERO TEMPERATURES WITH BARE SKIN PERIOD!!!! doesn’t matter what the circumstances are!!! Even if there was an emergency and they had to quickly leave cuz of a fire in the house or someone broke in and they quickly got away or someone was gonna harm them……it still doesn’t matter. If any of these were the case, The mom should take her jacket off and quickly put it around the two of the children and quickly get them into warmth. But I doubt any of that happened because she clearly is taking her time, and she is at the grocery store, if any other circumstance caused the children not to have a coat or shoes and socks in this subzero temperature, they wouldn’t be at the grocery store. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! THIS WOMAN CLEARLY IS IN THE WRONG!!

  17. 17


    Why does the woman wear boots and a coat but not the kids? This is child abuse and endangerment. Plain and simple. Lock her up. Those kids deserve better than this!

  18. 18


    If the person that did the video was that concerned why did they not call 911? Or better yet why didn’t they ask to help the lady? Maybe they did not have any coats or even a blanket. Did the person that did the video ask to help in any way? I was always told to carry a survival kit in Nth Dakota. which includes a blanket . .Come on people lets start showing a little love for one another.


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